The Steps:
As you may have gleaned so far, there are many steps involved with getting into the plating business. Following is an example of the requirements for the small chrome system.

Sequence Timeframe
Phase 1 30 days


Project Feasibility Study
Provides project cost estimations (excluding building & property), and includes a process cycle outline, system sizing, application of Zero Discharge Recovery™, the floor space and utility requirements, as well as related concerns. This document is needed to determine the viability of proceeding with the project. It will also be valuable for loan or investor purposes.

Phase 2 90 days

Final Systems Engineering
This involves the final sizing of all system components, with detailed CAD prints (needed for the permit applications) and equipment specifications. Also included is the application of Zero Discharge to the system. A Turn-Key cost may also be provided at this point, or the buyer may elect to obtain separate outside bids from a list of recommended vendors.

Phase 3 60 days

Permit Applications
This includes calculations of potential emissions and completion of the air and water discharge permit application package. Also included is development of the Operation And Maintenance Plan.

Phase 4 120 days


Permit Review & Comment
This is the time required for the Control Authority to review and respond to the permit application package. Also included is time for the Public Comment period. Delays or required changes could extend this timeframe. The buyer needs to decide whether to proceed or to wait during this period. If all is well the EPA will issue a Permit To Install.

Phase 5 60 days


Equipment Procurement
This is the time and cost associated with fabrication of the plating system. This can be done by either a Turn-Key approach or having the buyer place individual orders for the components from the recommended vendor list.

Phase 6 30 days


Installation, Start-Up & Run-Off
The installation can be performed solely by the buyer, as a Turn-Key, or as a combination of these with Plating Resources, Inc. providing assistance as needed. Considerable installation time and cost may be saved by purchasing certain system components that are pre-mounted, pre-wired and pre-plumbed. Also included is assistance with bath make-up and final start-up of the system. A run-off period is included in order to verify component function and plating quality. The EPA allows temporary operation of the system until the Stack Testing is completed.

Phase 7 15 days


Operator Training
Plating Resources, Inc. provides on-site training of management and operational personnel using the buyers system. Included is a Plating Manual that is specific for your system. A typical training period is 3 weeks, which may be varied depending upon the complexity of the system. An option is testing and certification of the operators.

Phase 8 30 days


Stack Testing & Operation Permit
Included is the on-site assistance of a plating engineer for both preparation and for overseeing the actual stack test(s) which will be conducted by an EPA approved laboratory. This also includes providing the official Notification and submitting a Test Protocol, the laboratory work, conversions & calculations, reporting and providing a Notice Of Compliance. Upon satisfactory completion the EPA will issue the Permit To Operate.

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The Steps
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